Our Product

The whole purpose of a replica is to recreate, to the finest possible degree, the shape and specification of the original vehicle. All too often, the designers get the first part right but are forced to compromise on the details of the specifications for the sake of convenience and cost.

Roaring Forties GT40 replicas do not fall into this category. Roaring Forties is proud to offer an extremely high degree of authenticity with all aspects of our GT40 replicas.

The RF replica of the Ford GT40 MkI and Mk1b certainly look convincing enough, but its not until you get under the skin that you begin to appreciate how painstakingly engineered these GT40 replicas are.

Most enthusiasts want to own an accurate, but functional, representation of the GT40, at an affordable price. Roaring Forties offers just that.

We use advanced computer technology to produce the best possible product
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