The RF chassis is the major component for phase1 of your build. It can be supplied in a number of forms: bare chassis, chassis with panelling, etc.

The RF chassis is a CAD modelled, professionally constructed, triangulated space frame with all mountings and fixings factory welded on precision jigs to ensure accuracy with your build. The steel chassis is sand blasted, etch primed and finished in Dulux powder coating – to the colour of your choice. Roaring Forties purposefully designed the chassis, in coordination with experienced race car engineers, to be inexpensive but functional for a variety of applications, using fundamental engineering principals and refining it with CAD technology to conform to the highest performance standards. As a result, this vehicle is totally suitable as a road car, or for track work - or, with our vast list of options (modified engines, high performance brake systems, race exhaust systems, integrated 4, 6 or 8 point roll cages, race harnesses, fire suppression systems, data logging, full rose-jointed suspension systems, etc.) for serious competition. There is no limit.

All RF chassis are tested and certified to comply with Australian Design Rules (ADR’s), and have performance characteristics that far exceed these rules.

Make sure you take the time to read the "news" article here on our RF website, regarding the suspension development program we embarked on in 2009, with John Bowe.

Chassis Specifications:

  • Triangulated space frame chassis
  • Front upper wishbones
  • Front lower front wishbones
  • Rear top links
  • Rear lower reverse A frames
  • Rear drag links
  • Fully machined cast aluminium rear uprights
  • All suspension bushes, ferrules and rose joints
  • 4 x coil over fully adjustable shock absorbers
  • Chassis, suspension, door and body hinges sandblasted and powder coated in any Dulux powder coat colour you like
  • Full panel set including floor, in aluminium
  • Front top and bottom ball joints
  • Front uprights

Talk to the Roaring Forties team about how you want to run your build budget and we can customise your build with you.

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