The Heart of the Beast

Roaring Forties can offer 3 Ford  based engine platforms, 302 Windsor, 5.4 Quad-cam and the latest Coyote and Miami derivatives all of which are fully  ADR compliant and have fully supported packaging  solutions  for the RF GT40

Other engines are available on request. Please contact us for further information.

Coyote / Miami Mod Engines

Fords latest V8 offering as seen from MY2011 onward in the Mustang is now available as a fully integrated kit for your RFGT40. 

The normally aspirated version of the Mustang Coyote crate motor produces 440hp using the standard inlet manifold and Ford Racing ECU.

First upgrade includes a billet 8 throttle inlet manifold developed and supplied by InnoV8 Racing who also supply the engines for DJRs. These manifolds and the new Motec M150 (as used in current V8SCs) help increase power to over 500hp on the engine dyno, high 400’s are still available in car with the emissions compliant exhaust and cat system. Further upgrades are available for racing including camshaft changes and InnoV8 are seeing over 600hp with otherwise standard spec engines.

The local FPV GT Falcons use a Supercharged version of the Coyote developed locally by Prodrive. These engines are rare beasts to find but do come up for sale occasionally in the aftermarket and have a great deal of potential with very few modifications.

 Roaring Forties offer all the parts you will need to fit any of the variants above to your RF40 including mounts, flywheels, clutches, exhausts, oil coolers, alternator and front end drive kits, air conditioning oil pans, airboxs, engine management and wiring.  

Modern Ford 5.4L Modular V8

The current 5.4L modular Ford V8 engine recommended by Roaring Forties is from the BA / BF (260kW) XR8 and (290kW) Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) from Australia.

This allows RF clients access to the latest Ford and FPV engines and calibrations ensuring performance, drivability, conformance to emissions standards, and no concerns with the acquisition of local parts and service support.

Roaring Forties were the first replica GT40 manufacturer with the ability to offer a complete bolt in solution to running the modern 5.4L engine. RF have successfully achieved the running of these engines outside their Falcon environment.

The electronics work undertaken by our key suppliers ensures your car will start, run and drive like it is in its natural environment. There are specific encryptions in the calibrations to ensure this valuable IP remains ours and yours.

All of the engine brackets, mounts, wiring, ECU (electronic control unit) revisions, new gearbox and stabilizer mounts, thermo housings, etc have been completed for these engines and are available in kits now.

The manifold displayed is intended for the track warrior chasing the original appearance of the IDA carburetors and is available from Roaring Forties.

The 5.4L offers 500Nm (XR8) and 530Nm (GT and GTP) of torque and toward 400bhp in the old money for exhilarating performance – straight out of the box!

Ford 302 Windsor

The venerable Ford 302 Windsor V8 was used in the RF GT40 replicas from 1997 through to 2004 Australia-wide, until the ADR emissions rules (for Individually Constructed Vehicles) changed from 37/01 to 79/00. This engine can now only be registered in QLD, SA, WA & NSW.

The engine is based on the Windsor used in the original GT40 race cars, albeit with modern fuel injection, roller cam, emissions friendly cylinder heads and a vast array of development in the almost 40 years since the cars were on track at Le Mans.

We offer an ADR compliant exhaust system complete with cats and mufflers or alternatively the cross over race system to extract the most at the track!

Supercharger Kits

In conjunction with Herrod Motorsport, Roaring Forties are proud to announce the availability of two Supercharger kits.

The first is fully ADR complied and develops 373kW with 6lb of boost. The second around 450kW involving engine hardware upgrades.

The first two engine packages with 260kW and 290kW will provide awesome power in a less than 1200kg Vehicle (the first registered 5.4L RF weighed 1171kg). Imagine the supercharged versions ...

The high output version has just under the V8 Supercars level of power, 100Nm more torque and the RF weighs 150kg less than a V8 Supercar.

In Australia, replica GT40's are considered to be new vehicles and must comply with all relevant Australian Design Rules (ADR's), as well as each individual state’s local transport department regulations, and in particular, the exhaust emissions standards.

Some States allow motors up to 5 years old to be used (ADR 37.01 compliant) - 1999 or later. For these applications the Ford 5 litre Windsor can be used. Other states require motors that comply with the current emission standard (ADR 79.00) 2003 or later.

RF chassis have been designed to accept the 302 Windsor, Ford Modular 4.6L and the Ford Modular 5.4L engine. In addition Roaring Forties have designed an engine/chassis/body/accessory system specifically for each of these applications.

In North America and the UK, the Ford 5 litre Windsor engine can be used, or alternatively the Ford Mustang 4.6 or 5.4 litre alloy Quad Cam can also be installed, as all have been engineered into this chassis/drivetrain combination.




302 Ford Windsor

320HP / 238kW

310 ftlb / 420Nm

4.6 SVO 2001-2003 Mustang

320HP / 238kW

315 ftlb / 427 Nm

5.4 Modular 260

349HP / 260kW

369ftlb / 500Nm

5.4 Modular Boss 290

389HP / 290kW

391ftlb / 530Nm

5.4 Modular supercharged

500HP / 373kW


5.0 Miami Supercharged GS

422HP / 315 kW

402ftlb / 545 Nm

5.0 Miami Supercharged GT

449HP / 335 kW

420 ftlb / 570 Nm

5.0 Coyote Crate N/A

412HP / 307kW

390ftlb / 529 Nm

5.0 Coyote 8 bbl and Motec N/A

480HP / 353kW

413ftlb / 560Nm

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