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Roaring Forties Pricing

 Roaring Forties GT40 “Compliant Parts List” : 10 Phase build program

For the latest prices please visit the Roaring Forties Parts store

Phase 1: Panelled Chassis
To get you started, this is the base chassis kit which consists of the jig welded space frame chassis, sand blasted and etch primed, as well as your complete set of laser cut aluminium body panels, rivets, bonding agent, Cleco pins and Rivnut kit.
We can also powder coat your chassis and supply you with a mobile build trolley to assist with your build as optional extras.
(For interstate clients, we recommend that you purchase Phase 6 at the same time to minimise your freight costs)
Phase 2; Rolling Chassis
Next step is to get your chassis rolling, so this phase includes the components required to achieve this. Standard control arms, front and rear suspension, adjustable front sway bar, front and rear AP Racing brake Callipers are all part of this phase and includes all spacers, fasteners and bushes ready to assemble.
Options for this stage are: Race control arms using heim joints ( replacing the standard nolathane bushes), 'dummy' shocks and shop wheels to get your chassis moving on four wheels.
Phase 3; Ergonomics
Now it's time to establish your seating position in the car to ensure maximum driver comfort. This phase covers every item your body comes into contact in the car, and includes the steering system (rack, coupler, column and Mota Lita wheel), pedal box; gearshift, handbrake and ADR approved reproduction seats.
Phase 4; Hydraulics, cooling and fuel
Next comes the task of 'plumbing' your chassis. This phase includes the master cylinders and reservoirs for your pedal box, solid hydraulic lines and flexible braided brake and clutch coupling lines, engine cooling system radiator, fans, pipes and hoses. Last in this phase is the fuel system, and includes the twin aluminium fuel cells, fuel pump, fuel lines, filler necks as well as the carbon canister and vapour purge kit
Phase 5; A/C and electrical
This phase covers the air conditioning and electrical side of your build, and includes the 'plug and play' wiring harness, Drive By Wire throttle kit, gauges and switches, A/C components as well as ancillary items like the windscreen wiper and washer, battery box and horn.
Phase 6; Engine
Roaring Forties has 3 engine solutions available. This package is based on the 260kW 5.4lt Quad-cam Ford engine. In this phase we can supply you with an engine, as well as everything you need to bolt it in and get it ready to run.
This covers the fuel, A/C and cooling system supplements (specific to your engine) as well as a high volume sump, twin plate clutch, flywheel, starter motor, adapter plate and engine mounts.
Options: Roaring Forties can offer 302 Windsor, 5.4 Quad-cam and the latest Coyote and Miami derivatives all of which are ADR compliant
Phase 7; Drivetrain
To complete the rest of your drivetrain, this phase provides you with a fully refurbished Getrag 6 speed transaxle, including LSD, as well as mounts, drive shafts and adapters and a concentric clutch slave cylinder. At the end of Phase 9, we suggest you remove the body fit out items and get your car painted.
Phase 8; Body Fit
Now it's time to drape your chassis in the timeless GT40 body. This phase includes the hand laid fibreglass body panels with bonded light boxes and doors fitted with ADR approved Anti-intrusion beams, and all of the attaching brackets required to mount and secure it.
An optional extra in this phase is to upgrade your rear clip to the Gulf flared clip, which enables wider wheels and tyres to really give your car that aggressive race look.
Phase 9; Body fit out
With your body now on, it's time to fit it out with all of the items that make it complete. This phase includes windscreen and windows, lights and indicators, acrylic light box covers, Le Mans panels, door and rear view mirrors and ADR approved seatbelts.
Phase 10; Completion!
Once back from paint, you can complete final installation of your windscreens, lights and indicators and get ready to finish your build! This phase covers your exhaust, Roaring Forties coil over shocks and ADR approved, BRM reproduction one piece CNC machined wheels including knock on hubs, forged spinners and pin drives.
Tyre choice is up to you, but we can assist you with sizes. We can also have you exhaust system ceramic coated as an optional extra. Also available as options are a full interior trim and dash padded and upholstered for you too.
Many extras and services are available to further enhance your GT40, but are entirely up to you and your build budget That is, everything else you need to get the car compliant for registration, including a few extras like air conditioning!

There is absolutely no need for donor parts or excursions to the local parts retailer or auto wrecker!

Note also that this package contains all the parts required to build a complete compliant car and doesn’t take into consideration anything that you might source or manufacture yourself, if you choose to do so.