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Our Product


Frame Roaring Forties designed, full spaceframe
Wheelbase 95 inches
Front Suspension Independent, non-parallel, unequal length “A” frames
Rear Suspension Lower inverted “A” frame & upper transverse link, independent twin drag links from rear bulkhead
Springs & Dampers Competition coil over gas shocks with adjustable damping rates and variable spring height
Brakes Dual hydraulic circuit front/rear split
Master Cylinder Dual
Front Brakes 298mm vented, twin piston, floating calliper (Larger options avail.)
Rear Brakes 315mm vented, single piston, floating caliper with internal drum handbrake system (Larger options avail.)
Steering Rack & pinion
Wheels AS tested, CNC machined, one piece, alloy BRM replicas 17” x 7.0 & 17” x 9.5 (front / rear) standard.
Tyres VR/ZR radials
Fuel Tanks Baffled aluminium sill tanks, 2 x 40 litre capacity. Integrated swirl pot.
Radiator Front mounted, heavy duty, aluminium multi-pass.
Gear Change Rod linkage LHS sill mount or cable linkage centre mount.


Style GT40 Mk1, MkIb & Mk2
Drag Coefficient 0.35Cd
Overall Length 164.5 inches
Width 70 inches
Height 40.5 inches
Ground Clearance 3 to 5 inches (Adjustable)


Seats Custom made Mk1 leather with stainless rings & lumbar support. Optional embossing is also available.
Instruments 300km/h speedo, 8000 RPM tacho, 2 x fuel, oil pressure, coolant temperature, alternator voltage, analogue clock
Air Conditioning R134 refrigerant, fan forced, vent ducted heating & cooling.


Roaring Forties can offer 3 Ford based engine platforms, 302 Windsor, 5.4 Quad-cam and the latest Coyote and Miami derivatives all of which are fully ADR and registration compliant in all Australian States and Territories.
Exhaust ADR compliant crossover system or optional Race crossover system.
Transmission 6 speed Getrag transaxle
Clutch Single plate, dry
Drive shafts Solid





302 Ford Windsor

320HP / 238kW

310 ftlb / 420Nm

4.6 SVO 2001-2003 Mustang

320HP / 238kW

315 ftlb / 427 Nm

5.4 Modular 260

349HP / 260kW

369ftlb / 500Nm

5.4 Modular Boss 290

389HP / 290kW

391ftlb / 530Nm

5.4 Modular supercharged

500HP / 373kW

406ftlb / 700Nm

5.0 Miami Supercharged GS

422HP / 315 kW

402ftlb / 545 Nm

5.0 Miami Supercharged GT

449HP / 335 kW

420 ftlb / 570 Nm

5.0 Coyote Crate N/A

412HP / 307kW

390ftlb / 529 Nm

5.0 Coyote 8 bbl and Motec N/A

480HP / 353kW

413ftlb / 560Nm