The Modules

RF GT40 modules are different from ICV kits available because we supply everything needed to build the car from start to finish. RF GT40 offers a complete set of parts (every part, panel, component, assembly, nut & bolt) so we know that everything fits together perfectly with the resulting vehicle ready for registration.

The vehicle is built out of approximately 15 modules made up of more than 120 items, comprising virtually 100% of the components needed to build the car. The only exceptions being tyres, paint and some adhesive.

These modules can be grouped to suit your timeline and budget.

Because RF GT40 knows that all these parts fit together to form a completed car, which is totally compliant for registration throughout Australia and many other countries, we suggest people consider this as the best option to build the car in its entirety.

Due to modularisation of the RF GT40 build, those who wish to customise their vehicle are able to do so by removing individual modules or items from the standard build and explore their own options.